As major improvements have been made to the electric vehicle industry, companies such as Tesla and Polestar have been at the forefront for the push for consumers to purchase electric cars. There are three different types of electric cars which includes hybrid electric, plug-in-hybrid, and battery electric vehicles. Believe it or not, electric vehicles were…

In a time where people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, there are several ways to make a positive impact on the environment. Through You Call We Haul, selling your car will not only have a positive impact on a charity, but the environment as well. From 2010 to 2020, there have been about 176.54 million cars manufactured within North America alone. With a large number of manufacturing taking place, there is a major increase in waste as well.  A typical passenger car emits 4.06 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. This is an alarming number, which isn’t even factoring in the carbon dioxide output it takes to manufacture the car! Learn about the actions you can take to reduce impact that your car has on the environment.

Sustainable Practices as a Car Owner

As Americans are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, sustainability has become a hot topic the past few years. Here are some sustainable practices to keep in mind as a car owner: Properly dispose oil from your car – Many auto repair shops will dispose your contained oil for you to use to recycle or properly dispose. Do not dump your oil in drains, sewers, or even the lawn.  Avoiding these actions avoids the risk of polluting water and soil. Recycle used or worn out tires- Instead of throwing out your old tires, recycle them at a local recycling center where they can then be used for projects. These projects include the creation of local playgrounds, sandboxes, and much more. Check Tire Pressure – Most of the newer models have automated tire pressure gauges, but for older vehicles, it is important to check the tire pressure on a regular basis. Not only is it safer to drive, but tires that are properly inflated save 10 cents per a gallon of gas as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Selling Your Car

Through You Call We Haul, you can sell your car for cash no matter the condition of the vehicle! A towing company will pick up your car from the requested address and your car will then be stripped for parts to recycle. Once all the fluids are removed from the car, the recycling begins. Re-usable parts are taken from the car and about 90% of the cars steel and iron are then recycled. The recycled metals are then used for products such as cans and other metallic objects. Through our nationwide network of buyers, your car is sent to an auction.  Automotive recyclers bid for your car and the winner then claims your car for cash. You will receive your payment upon pickup and from there the rest of the process is in our hands.
Click on the image above to learn more about the environmental impact of auto recycling.
The chart above displays what parts of a car are recycled and shows how they are properly recycled by auto-recyclers. At You Call We Haul, we promote sustainability one car at a time. Selling your car will not only benefit your wallet, but the environment as well. Visit You Call We Haul to sell your car for cash or call us at 866-771-5865! To ensure that you are receiving and accurate estimate on the value of your car, visit the RepairPal website. RepairPal gives car owners an accurate estimate on their car and connects them with local repair shops. If the estimate to fix your car it too costly and you don’t want to sell it for cash, consider other ways to get rid of your car, which include donating it to charity.

How Donating Your Car Helps the Environment

If you don’t want to sell your car through You Call We Haul, you can help the environment and support your favorite nonprofit organization by donating your car! The car donation process is quick and simple. Through our Car Donation Wizard, you will be able to donate to one of our partnered non-profit organizations such as Habitat For Humanity, American Cancer Society, or even your local NPR Radio Station. Your car will be sold to auto recyclers and your charity will the receive the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle. After your car is sold, you’ll be emailed a tax receipt. It’s that simple! Start your car donation online or by calling 877-957-2277.

Carbon Retirement

And finally if your vehicle is at the absolute end of life you may consider retiring your vehicle through the Nation’s mosts enviromentally focused recyling program.  Go to to learn about the SHIFT National Vehicle Retirement Initiative.

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