Working directly with dealers, parts suppliers, dismantlers, recyclers, and scrap processors, we’ve eliminated high auction fees. By tailoring our services to the specific appetites of each buyer, we offer the small shop just as much buying power as the multi-location operation.

Looking for an Easier Way to Buy Junk Cars?

Become a buyer and get access to You Call We Haul vehicles from consumers right in your area through our mBid buyer platform. We can enhance your operations and delivering opportunities even when your business is closed.

As a result, we’ll help you secure more cars through the web and profile tools. Our mBid platform generates higher net returns by dramatically reducing seller and buyer fees and creating a dynamic marketplace for qualified buyers of all sizes.

Supercharge your account even more by signing up as one of our affiliate partners and get exclusive opportunities in your area. Click here for more information about our affiliate program!

Contact one of our buyer relations specialists today to learn more about mBid and how to buy junk cars, trucks, SUVs, RV, motorcycles and boats from consumer, insurance, and non-profit vehicle streams. Get a peek inside mBid and learn what your business can gain from becoming a buyer. Call us at 1-877-709-2277 for more information about joining our buyer network!

Buyers Relations


Profile Support

Our staff will help you create a custom profile that works for you. Set profiles by distance, cars/trucks, foreign/domestic, and more. Get notifications targeted to your specific interests.

Increasing Net

We’ve dramatically reduced fees to maximize your recovery on low end vehicles, generating higher net returns.

Custom Processing

Our national marketplace of vehicles allows you to move quickly and efficiently on the vehicles you want.

Real Time Communication

Our platform is built for your technology. Bid on vehicles via web, mobile, or phone, and receive communications by any means that works for your business: email, phone, fax, even device notifications!