How much is your car worth

Vehicles are one of the few products where reselling it is just as important as buying. Before you can sell your car, you have to determine its value– which can be a headache. Luckily, You Call We Haul is here to help! 

There are many factors that influence the worth of your car. The year, make, model, and mileage are the four biggest determinants of your car’s value. However, buyers will do their own research and consider other factors when purchasing a car. It’s important to find out the value of your car so that you can get the best deal possible. Without that, it will be near impossible to put a fair price on your vehicle.

How to Know Much Your Car is Worth

If you’re selling a used or salvage car, you will need to know its worth before you price and list it on the internet. Some people settle at an arbitrary price that might seem accurate, but in reality, knowing your car’s true value will make the selling process a smooth experience.

Finding out the market value of your car will help you determine the appropriate price for your car. The main conflict of interest when selling a car is that buyers want to spend the least amount of money possible while you are trying to sell it at the highest price. It’s all of the art of bargaining and you should be aware of these perspectives.

Once you find the value of your car, you will have a good starting price for negotiations. From there, you can decide what prices you’ll accept for your car and what lowball offers to reject.

How to Calculate the Price of Your Car

Everyone evaluates a car’s value differently. Potential buyers will give you offers that are more calculated and specific while others might just say that your car “looks like” it’s worth a certain price.

You should always be the first one to figure out the appropriate price of your vehicle. The value of your car will differ greatly depending whether it’s used or damaged so here’s some tips on both.

Used Cars:

Used cars are easier to evaluate than damaged cars because there are many honest websites that can help to find the value of your car.

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is the king of used car evaluation. They’re always referenced by buyers, dealerships, and other used car websites. By using the online calculator, you can find data on cars just like yours and compare mileage, features, and condition. Using KBB will help you set a price that is both fair for you and your potential buyer. KBB uses industry-backed knowledge to make sure the price they give you is the right one.

Damaged Cars:

On the other hand, damaged or salvage cars can be problematic to sell. Used car appraisal websites won’t be enough to figure out its value. Here are some major factors when estimating a junk car:

  • The severity of the damage
  • The mileage
  • If the car has a salvage title
  • The type of damage(s) involved

The difficult part about selling a damaged car is that even if you settle on a decent price, buyers might not be even willing to pay for it. To most people, junk cars are, in fact, junk. It’s very hard to find a buy paying more than $500 for a vehicle that doesn’t start.

Because of that, it’s best that you sell your salvage car to a junkyard or an auction site. These places are your best bet to sell your car. 

The Best Way to Find Your Car’s Value:

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