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Whether you know much about cars or not, You Call We Haul is here to share some fun car facts that’ll wow even the biggest car enthusiasts!

  1. Americans spend 42 hours a year sitting in traffic. In New York City and Los Angeles, the average is 60 hours a year!
  2. Cars are parked for 95% of their lives. This number is surprising to many! It has been used by ride-share supporters to encourage people to utilize taxis and ride-share services like Uber and Lyft.
  3. Volvo invented the three-point seatbelt. Because Volvo didn’t patent the seatbelt, other manufacturers are able to use it! Three-point seatbelts save a life every six seconds
  4. Car recycling is the 16th largest industry in the United States. The industry employs an estimated 100,000 people and earns around $25 billion per year.
  5. The world’s first car accident occurred in Ohio in 1891. James William Lambert was involved in the first car accident in Ohio City, Ohio in 1891. His car, the first single-cylinder gasoline automobile, hit a tree root, causing the car to careen out of control and smash into a post.

Additional Car Information

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