Are you looking to sign or transfer your title but made a mistake? If that is the case, do not try to fix it yourself. Do not try to fix it yourself as it is an official legal document and must be corrected through the right channels. Instead, bring your title to the DMV to start to receive a corrected car title. There is still a chance that the title is accepted if you explain the situation. If you try to cross out your mistake or use whiteout, they will not accept it. If rejected, they will have you fill out a form and pay a fee. After this happens, you will either receive a brand new corrected title that day or receive it soon after. If the mistake was made by the previous owner, contact them and have them fill in the new vehicle title correctly.

Common Mistakes

  • Car title was signed, but not transferred
  • It’s an out-of-state title
  • Odometer reading is incorrect
  • Title is signed wrong or signed in the wrong place
  • The date of sale is inaccurate

Importance in a Correct Title

Making sure your title is flawless is important as a car owner when trying to sell your car. Having a correct title can can not only speed up the selling process, but it also avoids legal headaches throughout the process.

Sell Your Car Using You Call We Haul

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Transfer Vehicle Title

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Transfer Car Title

You’re ready to sell your junk car, but not sure how to transfer your car’s title? You Call We Haul is here to assist you with your title transfer needs!  When transferring your title, there are two things you’ll have to do:  sign the title and fill in the purchaser or buyer. You will sign…

How to Sign Your Title

Ready to sell your junk car? Here are some tips to be sure that you sign your title correctly. What is a title? A title document has all the information the DMV or new owner need to know about your vehicle. This includes the legal owner and the vehicle’s year, make, model, and vehicle identification…

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