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We offer our affiliate partners a chance to increase vehicle volume and revenue by super-charging your existing website and offering you your own search marketing team. Participation in our Affiliate Program is free and you can opt out of the program at any time.

Buy More Cars Locally

Supercharge your Digital Purchasing

You Call We Haul offers online tools to help Auto Recycling partners digitally purchase more vehicles from local sellers.

Using our mobile technology we can deliver a MOBILE FIRST selling experience to the owner, and allow you to bid vehicle directly from sellers via SMS/Text and mobile web!

Mobile purchasing keeps your staff focused rather than chasing leads via phone calls.

Our customizable Purchasing Tool:

  • Can be added directly to your website
  • Attracts local sellers to your site
  • Generates authority for your site
  • Configures seamlessly into your purchasing department

All vehicles  that are sourced from your site or links will dispatch directly to your buying desk and provides a seamless experience for all parties.  Best of all our tech EARNS YOU EYEBALLS!   We help you compete locally by bringing more sellers to your digital yard.

How It Works

Being part of our affiliate program, we can enhance your operations with a 24-hour web-based service. Delivering vehicle opportunities even when your business is closed. Backed by our in-house marketing team, we’ll help you secure more leads through the web on consumer and donated vehicles. Our services increase your reach and boost your digital authority. We help you earn cars, sell parts and communicate with local customers!
BEST OF ALL there are no upfront costs, you pay our super low fee only when a car is aquired via our text platform!! We also send you charity leads and purchase opportunities acquired through our other the programs.

Jesse's Auto Salvage


Visit Jesse’s Auto Salvage to view an example of our affiliate program in action. Launch »
Simply place one of our links on your website and we do all the rest! We provide the web marketing (targeting car donation and junk car keywords) to increase visibility of your links.

Digital Toolkit for Partners

Recruit enviromentally concious consumers to reycle thier car for the planet.  Use our plugins and page strategy to increase your enviromental authority.

Increase junk car purchasing from your website.Our web program drives growth even during off hours so you can be connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

With the Car Donation Wizard tile, your visitors can donate cars from your website.  . Show off of the good you do by supporting top National charities.


Our affiliate program can drive more traffic to your website, earning you more cars and driving more revenue opportunities for your local business. Using our knowledge of search engine marketing, we can help increase visibility of your business in the online world, with minimal setup.