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Whether you are a new driver getting behind the wheel or an experienced driver, car insurance is essential for any vehicle owner. Forty-eight of the fifty states in the US require drivers to have some sort of coverage before getting behind the wheel. New Hampshire and Virginia are the only two states where you can drive uninsured. Although they have requirements you must meet if you choose to drive uninsured. Even if you live in one of those two states it is still a good idea to purchase car insurance.

The first reason why you should have car insurance is that it offers financial protection. If you get into an accident, you may be responsible for the costs associated it. Having the proper coverage will help pay for these costs, otherwise you would have to pay out of your own pocket.

Another reason to have car insurance is that it can help protect you from the cost of repairs. In addition to having liability coverage for someone else’s vehicle, it is also important to have coverage for your own vehicle as well. Comprehensive collision coverage may help you cover the costs of repairs or replacement.

Auto insurance also helps protect your passengers. Medical payments coverage and personal injury protection may help pay for medical bills as the result of an accident. It can also help cover passengers’ expenses from the accident including hospital visits, doctor bills and surgery.

There are many reasons to own car insurance. Listed in this post are just a few of the major reasons. Even if your have a clean driving record, it is important to have protection just in case.

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