Car Washing Tips

With the first day of Summer just one day away and the increase of bugs and pollen, we though it would be a good time to share some car washing tips to make sure your car is looking stylish for the open road. In addition to making your car look like new again, washing the exterior of your vehicle is necessary to increase its longevity. A regular car wash protects the body of your car from a variety of environmental elements. If the vehicle goes for months without a wash, then these materials could build up and damage the car’s paint. This guide focuses on cleaning the exterior of your vehicle, but don’t forget the interior is just as important.

Even if you’re already performing a routine wash on your car, it doesn’t hurt to make sure you are using the proper materials and techniques. It is recommended that you hand wash your vehicle to remove dirt, grime, bugs, and other elements of the road. You should start with the wheels and tires so that water isn’t sitting on the car’s surface creating water spots as you clean each wheel.

Wheels and Tires

Wash each tire one at a time. Wash, rinse, dry, and then move to the next wheel. This allows you to ensure each tire is clean and dry before you move to the next one. Make sure you’re using a proper cleaner designed specifically for the type of wheels that you have. Equally as important, make sure you get the right scrubbing brush so you don’t scratch the surface. You can also buy a long, slender brush for the inner areas of the wheel, such as behind the spokes. After you’ve finished washing and drying your wheels, waxing them can help create a barrier against dust, dirt, and grime.

Now that your wheels and tires are looking like new again, it is time to wash the body of your car. The same goes for washing the body of your car. You must have the proper materials and technique so not to damage the surface and paint.

Vehicle Body

First, begin by parking your car in the shade, as washing your car in the direct sunlight can speed up the drying process and create water spots. Next, pre-rinse your car to remove any lose dirt sitting on the car’s surface. After a quick rinse, gather two buckets. One for the cleaning solution, and the other for clean water. The reason for this is to wash the dirty sponge off in the clean water before dipping it back into the solution. It is important to note not to use dish detergents or hand soap as these are not made for vehicles and could damage the paint. Now, start washing your car at the top and work your way down. The dirtiest parts of the car are often at the bottom, so if your wash your car from the bottom up, you would just be spreading the dirt and grime. You should also wash your car in lines as opposed to circles.

Rinse your car frequently, especially if working in hot weather. This will help avoid those pesky water spots. You should always dry the vehicle after you finish rinsing the solution off. Use microfiber towels to dry the surface of the vehicle, and don’t forget to wipe down door, trunk, and hood jambs. If the surface of your car still feels rough to the touch, consider using a clay bar. Clay bars remove contaminants from your vehicle that washing cannot. As a finishing touch, you should always add a layer of wax to your car. Waxing not only adds shine to the car, but it adds a protective layer to the paint as well.

If you follow this helpful tips and tricks, your car will be on the fast track to looking like new again!

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