Most Common Car Myths

Over the years some common misconceptions have developed about the modern day vehicle. Where did these myths come from? Well, we don’t know for sure. But, what we do know is that they spread very quickly. Unfortunately, not all of these car myths are created equal. Many have been debunked over the years. Below is a list of some of the most common car myths that have proved to be false.

1. You need to warm up your car first thing in the morning.

  • Engines do need to be warmed up, just not in the way people think. People will often let their engines idle in the winter to warm up there car, but a cold car operating in idle is actually operating in its lowest power and not generating any heat. The best way to warm up your car is to start driving right when it starts.

2. Filling up your fuel thank in the morning gets you better fuel.

  • Come people think the cool morning air makes gasoline denser. This would mean you would get more fuel than you normally would when filling up early in the day. Although this is true, gasoline is stored in underground tanks, therefore you get the same quality of gas no matter when you visit the gas station.

3. Premium fuel gives you better performance

  • While premium fuel is necessary for certain types of vehicles, however premium fuel will not improve your engine performance or responsiveness outside of those specific models. Unless your car requests premium fuel it is a complete waste of money.

4. Driving barefoot is illegal

  • Despite what people say, there is no actual law in any of the 50 states prohibiting you from driving without any shoes or socks on.


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