Vehicle Mileage

A common question among car owners when deciding which car to purchase is, “how long is it going to last?” Well, the average passenger car age in the US is around 12 years, which usually equals approximately 200,000 miles. Although, there are many factors that come into play that can influence the longevity of a vehicle. Not all cars are created equal, so it all starts with choosing a well-built make and model that fits your lifestyle needs. Additionally, routine maintenance, diligence in completing small repairs, regular washing, and careful driving also play a role.

Can my car surpass 200,000 miles?

Yes, it’s possible. If you properly maintain your car, and it is a well-built make and model, it is definitely possible to pass 200,000 miles and even reach 300,000. Although conventional vehicles typically last for 200,000 miles, the average automobile age over the past several decades has increased in the United States.

What factors can influence car longevity?

There are a number of factors that will affect how long a car will run. There are some car makes and models that have a reputation for being built to last. Also, technology advancements in newer cars, including better computers, have also helped increase longevity. Driver-assistance systems and vehicle management systems can also help extend the car’s life by providing warnings about maintenance issues and also helping the driver avoid accidents and drive more safely.

As the vehicle owner, you should also check the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual and follow the recommendations for your specific vehicle. Excessive mileage alone won’t cause your car to stop running. It’s the neglected maintenance, deferred repairs, rust and corrosion that can cut your vehicle’s life short.

Indications that your car has reached its end include a serious accident, a flood, a fire, or extensive rust.

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