America Recycles Day 2021

Each year on November 15, people across the United States participate in America Recycles Day. The day is meant to raise awareness about recycling and the use of products that contain recycled materials. 

America Recycles Day was created by the National Recycling Coalition in 1997. Every year, the President uses the day to encourage Americans to recycle. Keep America Beautiful has run the America Recycles Day program since 2009 and hosts events throughout the United States that raise awareness about the importance of recycling. End-of-life vehicles are part of the auto recycling process, which You Call We Haul contributes to! 

Automobile Recycling Facts

When people think of recycling they think of basic materials like paper, glass, and plastic. What they forget is that the automobile is the most heavily recycled consumer product in the world. You Call We Haul is proud to contribute to the auto recycling industry. Here are some car recycling facts:

  • 95% of end-of-life vehicles are recycled every year.
  • 80% of a car can be recycled. Materials such as steel, non-ferrous metals, plastic, and tires can be used to create other items.
  • 27 million vehicles are annually recycled around the world.
  • The car recycling industry is the 16th largest in the United States. It contributes $25 billion to the national GDP and employs around 140,000 people each year.
  • Recycling steel reduces air pollution by 86% and water pollution by 76%. 

Ways to Observe America Recycles Day

  1. Recycle! The most obvious way to participate in America Recycles Day is to recycle products that are made with recycled materials. Dispose of the products in your proper town recycling bins. 
  2. Buy recycled products! In addition to recycling the products you use, be eco-friendly by buying products that are made from recycled materials. 
  3. Sell your car for cash using You Call We Haul! Think green with your car by selling it to a local auto recycler. You Call We Haul will help sell your junk car to auto recyclers for cash, no matter the condition. A nationwide network of buyers place live bids on your vehicle, which lets you choose the best offer. Buyers include local and national automotive recyclers who will buy all types of non-functioning vehicles.

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