What is Vehicle Recycling

Vehicle recycling is the dismantling of vehicles for spare parts. End-of-life vehicles have value as spare parts, which has created the vehicle dismantling industry.

According to the Automobile Recycling Association, 12 million cars are recycled out of the 14 million that reach the end of their usable life. On average, 80 percent of a car can be recycled. The steel from car parts can be reused for other purposes. Proper recycling of cars safely disposes of hazardous materials from the vehicle, such as oil, coolant, brake fluid and air conditioning gases that are harmful to the environment and humans.

Recycled vehicles provide enough steel to produce almost 13 million new vehicles every year and can save an estimated 85 million barrels of oil each year. Recycled parts can save retail customers about 50 percent when purchasing used parts over new parts. Driving is the leading contributor to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Recycling your car not only gives you the opportunity to get rid of your junk car, but also benefits the environment.

Source: UCI Sustainability Resource Center

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