Protect your car for the winter

The cold weather is quickly approaching and we can all feel the effects of the changing weather- including your car! To avoid inconvenience during the cold weather, be sure your car is up-to-date on its regularly scheduled service. A scraper, blanket, and emergency roadside kit are winter basics that you should keep in your car.

Check out these 5 tips to protect your car in the winter:

  • Test your windshield wipers. Buying new windshield wipers can be expensive. To make your wipers last longer, wipe down the rubber part of the blade with window cleaner or vinegar. Don’t forget to clean the windshield, too!
  • Check your car battery. Test your battery and charging system by visiting a repair shop or a car part store. Checking your battery before it dies allows you to replace it at your convenience. 
  • “Flush and fill” your engine coolant. If you’re up-to-date on your car’s regularly scheduled maintenance, your coolant is prepared for the winter. You can have the coolant flush procedure performed by a mechanic or use a flush and fill kit to do it yourself. If you plan on doing it yourself, be sure to clean up any spills and drips to avoid illness from the coolant. 
  • Fill your tires with air. The cold weather will cause your tire pressure to lose one pound per square inch for every 10° F drop in the temperature. Make sure you fill your tires at a gas station or repair shop and put the valve caps on once you’re finished.
  • Wax your headlights. Ensuring that your lights are bright will improve your driving and safety throughout the winter. Clean off any dirt on the headlights and rub car wax on the lens. Once it dries, buff it out and repeat on the other side. 

Encounter any problems while bracing to protect your car in the winter? Take your vehicle to a mechanic. If the repairs are too costly, consider selling your car for cash. You Call We Haul buys all types of tow-accessible used and damaged vehicles! Over 95% of our junk cars are sustainably recycled, benefiting both the environment and our customers.

Sell Your Car for Cash

You Call We Haul makes it easy to sell your junk car for cash. We partner with buyers across the country who place live bids on your vehicle. You Call We Haul buys all kinds of used, damaged, and non-functioning vehicles – as long as they can be towed. That means you can sell your car, truck, wagon, sport utility vehicle, or hybrid. Follow these simple steps to get cash for your car:

  1. To start, fill out our vehicle condition report and take some photos of your vehicle. Providing pictures will increase the value of your car by over 20%!
  2. In as little as one hour, buyers will be able to bid on your vehicle. Offers are placed in real-time, so you’ll be able to accept the best offer for you! Typically, you’ll receive an offer within 1-2 business days. 
  3. After you accept an offer, a partnered towing agent will schedule a pick-up time most convenient for you. Your car will be towed for free!
  4. You’ll be paid in cash at pick up! You’ll also receive a confirmation email from You Call We Haul which includes a receipt.

It’s that easy! Ready to get cash for your car? Sell your vehicle today by going online or calling us at (866) 771-5865.

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