junk car pick up

People love to make New Year’s resolutions that don’t seem to last past February. If your goal is to save more money this year, have you considered selling that old junk car? It can be daunting to find a junk car pick up, but we can help.

You know the car. Maybe it’s rusting away in your driveway or lawn, or taking up valuable space in your garage. Maybe it still runs, maybe it hasn’t been started for years. You might think there’s no value in that old junk car. Where can you find someone to buy your old junk car?

It’s easy: You Call We Haul.

Our name says it all. Simply provide information and pictures of your junk car, and local buyers will present their bids. You get to approve the final bid and arrange for the pickup of your junk car.

Even better, our buyers will provide free towing for your junk car. Free junk car pick up is one of the many things that makes You Call We Haul a great way to sell your car.

junk car pick up
Free junk car pick up with You Call We Haul


We make the process easy, and you can get real-time bids from local licensed dealers. If you’ve ever worried that selling your junk car is difficult, then you need You Call We Haul. We’ll find a buyer for your car, and even help you transfer your title.

You’ll get cash on the spot when you sell your junk car through You Call We Haul. Does it get any better than a free junk car pick up and cash to start off the new year right?

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