how to sell my junk car

Trying to sell your junk car can be confusing. It’s hard to know where to go to get the best information and the best price for your junk car. You probably have a lot of questions at this point. How do I sell my junk car? Is it expensive to sell my junk car? Who buys junk cars near me? Who will tow junk cars?

how to sell my junk car

You Call We Haul is the best place to go to sell your junk car, and we can help guide you.

Myth 1: No One Wants to Buy My Junk Car

This one is pretty easy to debunk. You Call We Haul has a national network of licensed buyers who are interested in your car. Even in remote areas, we have buyers. One man’s junk car is another man’s treasure, and we work with interested buyers across the country. If you’re wondering, who will buy my junk car? Your answer: You Call We Haul.

Myth 2: Selling My Junk Car is Complicated

This may have been true before You Call We Haul. Our easy platform works perfectly on mobile devices, so you can sell your car on the go. We make sure it’s simple and straightforward.

All you need to do is provide some simple information about the car, and photos if you want to maximize your earnings. The entire process of listing just takes a few minutes. Most owners receive a satisfactory bid in 1-2 business days.

Once you accept a bid, you’ll receive free towing for your junk car and a cash payment on the spot!

Myth 3: No One Will Tow Junk Cars

You Call We Haul guarantees free towing for your junk car! Not only is it free to use our service, but your car will also be picked up for free. Free towing for your junk car is another great benefit to selling that junk car.


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