How to Donate Your Junk Car

Looking to get rid of the junk car sitting in your driveway? You Call We Haul lets you easily sell your car for cash from the comfort of your home.  If you’re looking for a way to help others with your car, donate it to your favorite charity! We proudly partner with respected local and…

How to Sell My Car in Massachusetts
Are you looking to quickly sell your car and avoid the hassle at a car dealership? You can sell your car on numerous websites, such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, but You Call We Haul makes the car selling process fast and simple. The average age of a car driven in Massachusetts is approximately 9.8 years old, compared to the national average of 11.6 years. The market to repair older vehicles is rapidly growing. In other words, if you’re looking to sell your junk car in Massachusetts for cash, your unwanted vehicle’s parts are in high demand! Your car doesn’t have to be in good condition or even run!

How to Sell Junk Car in MA

Selling your damaged, or high mileage vehicle can be a challenge.  Don’t get fooled into taking a lower price for your junk car in Mass.  You Call We Haul lets you get cash for your car all from the comfort of your home! We connect you with our nationwide network of buyers who place live bids on your vehicle.  Follow these steps to quickly sell your car in Massachusetts:
  1. Use Mobile App to take photos of the vehicle. Fill out our vehicle condition report and provide photos of your car. Taking photos of your vehicle can get you higher value for your junk app cash for cars
  2. Describe Vehicle Condition.   Identify any damaged areas in the condition report, take pictures of the damaged areas.
  3. Submit your vehicle images and condition report.  Follow the instructions to submit your vehicle.
  4. Get Cash Bids for your Junk Car!  You’ll start to receive offers in as little as one hour! All cash bids are by real bidders in real-time, which gets the best price for your car.
  5. Approve a Bid or cancel.  No obligation to accept.  If you don’t like the high bid you can cancel.
  6. Get cash on the spot. You’ll be paid in cash at pick-up! Our network of towing agents will work with you to schedule a  pick-up time for your junk car.
Ready to sell your junk car in Massachusetts? Click here to get started or call us at (866) 771- 5865! Need help filling out your Massachusetts title? Click HERE for instructions on how to sign your title.
sell my damaged car

Does your car have damage as a result of an accident or due to flooding? You Call We Haul buys all types of tow-accessible used and damaged vehicles! Over 95% of our junk cars are sustainably recycled, benefiting both the environment and our customers. How Does it Work? You Call We Haul makes it fast…

Top Car Seller of 2020

Japanese auto manufacturer, Toyota, beat Volkswagen Group in most vehicle sales in 2020. This is the first time in five years that Toyota was able to reach top car seller. Toyota announced that global sales fell 11.3% to 9.528 million vehicles in 2020. Volkswagen saw a 15.2% drop to 9.305 million vehicles in 2020. While…

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