Depending on where you are, flowers could be blooming or roads could still be icy and salt-littered. No matter your location, spring is on its way.  It’s almost time to start the annual Spring Cleaning. A great place to start and to get some extra green for your wallet is to sell a junk car.

How do you sell a junk car? The easiest way is by using You Call We Haul. We have a national network of buyers that are interested in your junk car, even if it isn’t running or in good condition. We will buy and tow away junk cars!

You can visit our website, optimized for mobile devices. Simply enter your vehicle information, and submit photos to earn the top dollar. Local licensed dealers will bid in your vehicle, and you get real-time bid information. Once you accept the highest bid, the buyer will contact you to schedule a pickup. Just hand over your signed title or sale documents at the pickup time, and you’ll get cash on the spot. They will tow your junk car away for free!

What does selling your junk car have to do with spring cleaning?

First, it will clean out that unsightly old car that’s been taking up space in your garage or driveway. You’ll have plenty of space for storage once you sell your junk car.

Second, it will clear your mind! Looking at excess clutter can cause stress, and looking at that old junk car could be a source of stress and anxiety. Turn that old junk car into cash instead!

Lastly, it’s good for the environment! Clean up the roads and the air by recycling an older vehicle, that might not be as fuel efficient as newer models. Junking your car provides needed parts that will keep vehicles on the road longer, and reduce the need for production of new vehicles.


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