Recycling Junk Cars

The Benefits of Recycling Your Junk Cars

You hear advertisements for junk-my-car or cash-for-junk-car companies on the radio almost every time a commercial break comes on. Typically you just change the channel and don’t pay any attention to the ad, just like the rest of us.  The idea of getting cash for a hunk of rusting metal in the backyard sounds good, but there is more to it than just the cash in hand. Making sure your hunk of junk goes to a reputable buyer/recycler is actually good for the environment. After learning just how beneficial recycling your junk car can be for the environment, you may start to listen a little better to those junk car recycling ads.  

The first and most obvious environmental benefit is that you are recycling your junk car.  Recycling is a hot topic throughout the world and people look for any way to reuse or recycle a product.  Your car is a very large, reusable material, that will be repurposed by someone else, and will provide great use to that person or company.  Over 14 million tons of recycled steel are scrapped from junk cars each year, which is an astronomically high number and shows great promise for the future of recycling vehicles.  Junk car recycling is extremely beneficial for a rather basic idea; getting rid of your unneeded vehicle, and in return you’re helping the environment.

A secondary environmental benefit in junk car recycling is the removal of environmentally hazardous fluids from possibly leaking out from the vehicle. When deciding the best way to recycle your vehicle, choosing a reliable scrap yard is crucial because you want whoever is handling your vehicle to be a professional.  A scrap yard who is known for their environmentally friendly procedures and use of extra caution when it comes to safe vehicle recycling is Gershow Recycling in Long Island, NY.  Each car’s toxic fluids are removed and safely disposed, in order to better protect the environment for the future to come. Along with Gershow, we work with numerous other licensed buyers and other junk car recycling yards near you who have tremendous reputations and customer service.     

Finally, another reason why recycling your vehicle is a great cause for the environment is that you are reducing the impact on landfills.  Landfills produce methane gas, which is a hazardous gas that warms the Earth’s atmosphere that does a great deal of damage to the environment.  Landfills also cause animal species that live in the area near the landfill to die out because their land is totaled and heavy machinery is used at all times.  When landfills receive rain, the water seeps into the ground resulting in that groundwater becoming toxic with chemicals. This is extremely dangerous for locations around these landfills because the groundwater becomes very polluted.  When groundwater becomes polluted, it is not safe to drink and can cause serious health effects to those who cannot find an alternative source of clean water.

Toxic groundwater, landfill pollution, and lack of recycling are all things that we can help fix by choosing to recycling junk cars.  The environmental impacts from recycling your car are all things that will help protect and preserve our Earth for many years to come.

So if you find yourself with an old car that’s well past its prime, dont let it just rust away. Do your part for the environment and recycle that vehicle and put some cash in your pocket at the same time. You Call We Haul is here to help you dispose of your junk car and get you money for it. Contact us today!

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