What's in my car? Metals in your car



Whats In My Car: Metals from around the world

So what’s in my car? Today’s vehicles are not just big hunks of steel. They are actually made up of various types of steel, aluminum and other metals, each chosen for the specific properties and uses.

Most of the weight of a vehicle comes from chassis, frame, suspension and body panels. These components are typically made from steel or aluminum and those metals are produced from iron ore and bauxite respectively. These metals come from all around the world and make up some of the building blocks of today’s modern infrastructure.

But that’s not all that’s in your car. Precious metals like palladium, platinum, zinc, cobalt and tin are also present….albeit in much smaller quantities, but they play important roles.

Palladium and Platinum are key components of catalytic converters which help reduce toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust. Zinc is galvanized to steel to prevent it from rusting.

This infographic shows how these different metals are used throughout your car and shows where in the world they come from.

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