Are you looking to sell your car but have aren’t sure what documents ate needed? There is more to selling a car than researching a price and listing it online. After all the hassle of listing the car and finding potential buyers, these are the documents necessary in order to finalize a deal for your vehicle.

Car Title

This is the most important document involved in the sale of a car. The title establishes who is the rightful owner of the vehicle. If there is a lien on your vehicle, you must pay off all the debt on the car before the title can be transferred over to the new owner. Once you have a clear title, you can visit our Title Help page for state-specific information on transferring your car title.


Bill of Sale

The bill of sale is documentation showing proof of the transaction between the buyer and seller of the vehicle. Not every state requires a bill of sale but if you need one, you can go to your local DMV office to obtain a copy.


Release of Liability / Notice of Transfer

If the sale of your vehicle is a private party transaction, without a release of Liability or a Notice of Transfer, than you may be liable if the new owner were to get into an accident. You would remain liable because the car is still technically under your name. To avoid this, contact your DMV to notify them of the transaction. After, you must submit a Release of Liability or a Notice of Transfer to the DMV.


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