Top 3 times to sell

If you’re thinking of selling your car, you’re in the right place! You are probably wondering, when is the best time to sell my car for the best price possible? There are many things to consider before selling an automobile – things you may have not considered.


1.The Season: Different seasons yield different results. Generally speaking, experts agree that the best time to sell cars is during the Spring and Summer. For example, let’s say you have a Ford F-150 and you’re trying to sell it during the hot summer months. The odds are that you probably won’t receive a great price on it compared to  the price you may receive if you sell it during the winter season. But why? It may be a durable truck, but during the summer many people aren’t in the market for a four-wheel drive heavy duty truck, that’s more of a winter vehicle. So before you sell, consider the different markets during the seasons. 


2.Before You Reach High-Mileage: We as humans rely on cars for many reasons. Whether it’s your daily commute, travel, or work purposes, we depend on our automobiles to be dependable and last. Unfortunately, the higher the mileage on the car, the lower dependability it has. But even worse, the value will be lower too. As vehicles reach the end of warranty milestones, the value plummets as well. Car buyers can also research when cars drop in dependency. For example, a car that is known to have issues once it surpasses 60,000 miles and is clocked in at 70,000 miles probably will not sell very well. So before it reaches those miles, sell it!


3.Before It Ages: They say life gets better with age. They also say the older the wine or whiskey – the better it will be. Well, the opposite goes for cars. A two-year old car is more valuable than the model released three years ago. With new technology coming out almost every year, cars drop in value every year it gets older. Keep in mind, the older the automobile, the lower in value it will be.

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