get the most money for your used car in Massachusetts

Looking to sell your junk Car in Western Massachusetts? If you live in the area of Springfield, Lee, Northampton or southern New Hampshire, you can quickly get rid of your old junk car and get a great cash price!

Here’s some tips for getting the most money for your car:

  • Provide photos of your vehicle! Taking photos of your car increases the number of offers and the value of your vehicle by 20-25%!
  • Work with a reputable buyer. Many scrap yards look to pay as little as possible for your car, meaning you won’t get as much cash for your vehicle. You Call We Haul’s network of buyers and towing agents allows you to get the most cash for your car without worry.

Are you ready to sell your used car in, Western MA? Click here to get started!

Can I sell a junk car with no title in MA?

In many cases we buy junk cars with no title around Springfield, MA but we cannot guarantee it in all situations. Many states offer title alternatives and our ability to purchase may depend on a number of factors; vehicle age, value and location.  Any seller without a title will need a valid Drivers License and a copy of the vehicle registration.

In MA, the legal owner can obtain a duplicate title either online or through the local RMV. There is a fee for replacement.

You can apply for a Massachusetts Duplicate Title online HERE.

Western MA DMV Location


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