Airbags and seat belts are safety features required in all vehicles. To avoid any airbag related injuries, be sure to be properly seated and have children under 13 seated in the back. If you’ve been in an accident where the airbags have been deployed, the airbags will have to be replaced in order to deploy again.

Replacing airbags can be costly, with the exact price depending on the make and model of your car and the number of airbags that need to be replaced. You should anticipate spending at least $1000 on your car’s airbag replacement.

If you’ve been in a serious collision, the cost of replacing the airbags on a damaged vehicle may not be worth the investment. You Call We Haul buys all types of tow-accessible damaged and used vehicles.

You Call We Haul connects you with our nationwide network of buyers who place live bids on your car. Once you fill out a vehicle condition report and provide photos, buyers will be able to bid on your car. Once you’ve accepted an offer, a towing agent will contact you to schedule a pick-up time most convenient for you.

Your car will be towed for free and you’ll receive cash for your car at pick-up. It’s that easy!

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