Hurricane Florence Flood Vehicle

What to Do If You Have a Hurricane Florence Flood Vehicle

As the waters recede, folks in the coastal areas of the Carolinas are beginning to asses and repair damages to their property. The damage from the category 1 hurricane and the subsequent rain and flooding that followed was substantial and displaced many throughout the region. One key piece of the personal property affected by the disaster where thousands of vehicles. Johnathan Smoke from Cox Automotive estimates roughly 20,000-40,000 vehicles have been affected.

So what to do if you find your self with one of those 20-40 thousand affected vehicles?
Here are some important things to keep in mind if your vehicle was one of the thousands affected from flooding from Hurricane Florence.

1. Do Not Start Your Car!

Water damage can be a hidden killer of your car and wreak havoc on your vehicles electrical system. It’s important to not start your ignition as it may be severely compromised and can cause a fire or do even more damage. Make sure you reach out to your insurance company first or consult a certified auto technician.

2. Beware of Title Washing

Many of these flood-damaged vehicles that would be considered total loss will end up back on the road due to unsavory practices that take advantage of loose title practices in certain states an then re-sell in a different state. These cars get sold to unsuspecting individuals thinking they are getting a great deal, when in fact they are getting a lemon. Our infographic about flood-damaged Hurricane Florence vehicles goes into more detail about ways to avoid buying a flood-damaged vehicle.

3. Flooding up to the dashboard is generally considered a total loss.

Most insurance companies consider flooding up to the dashboard a total loss. While there are more factors that go into determining a total loss this is a good rule of thumb. If you have comprehensive insurance you may be covered for the repairs, but if you have limited liability insurance you might not be covered.

If you find your self in this situation it can be difficult to know what to do. You can’t sell it and it will cost too much to repair. You Call We Haul can help you sell that car to a licensed buyer that will tow it away and give you cash.

For more information about selling/donating or disposing of your Hurricane Florence flood vehicle follow this link

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Hurricane Florence flood vehicle

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