Are you trying to transfer your car title in Florida but don’t know the steps? We’ll help you with any title questions and how to transfer a title in the state of Florida.

When selling your car, you must transfer your title to the person you are selling to, prior to the sale. If the title was lost, the seller must complete form HSMV 82101 in order to obtain a duplicate title. Once complete, you must submit the duplicate title fee to a Motor Vehicle Service Center. If your title is electronic, you and the buyer must go to a Motor Vehicle Service Center to complete a secure title reassignment as well as disclose the odorometer reading. At this meeting, you and the buyer must be present and provide photo identification.

If your vehicle was not titled Florida, you must complete a Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be found in the bottom left windshield on the front of the car.

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