California License Plates Questions Answered

Are you selling a vehicle through You Call We Haul and wondering what to do with old license plates?

If you have standard plates and aren’t sure what to do with them, you can keep them on your car. In California, you don’t have to remove plates before selling your car. You can sell the car with there original license plates. If you have personalized, special recognition, or special interest plates and wish to keep them and apply them to another vehicle you own, the information needed to do so is here.

For more information on specialized plates, titles or any other information regarding selling your vehicle please visit the California DMV Website.

To sell a car in California or to learn more about the You Call We Haul Process, visit the 1-2-3 Steps to Cash page or call us at 866-771-5865.

Looking to get rid of old plates?

If you have old license plates you no longer need, please do not just throw them away. You have other options! You can either return your old license plates via mail or in person to your local DMV where they will recycle them for you. To mail your old license plates, you must be sure to send them in properly through the DMV licensing office.

Another way to get rid of your car:

If you’re looking to get rid of your junk car and help others, considering donating your car to charity instead. Here are some of the best car donation programs in California:

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