Many people purchase a new car and all that remains is the memories of their old car. Once you’ve moved on, what happens to your old car? In this blog we will go over where your car goes, and the recycling process that goes along with it. Something interesting to think about is that cars are the most recycled item in the United States as about 12 million cars are recycled each year. This produces enough steel to produce 13 million new cars and saves 85 million barrels of oil. The following steps illustrate the recycling process:

Step 1: Once it is determined that a car is more valuable scrapped than repair, the engine fluids are removed. This makes the recycling process safer as it prevents fires and other hazards that may occur.

Step 2: After fluids are removed, reusable parts such as plastic reservoirs, plastic tubes, and tires are removed and often reused for junkyard customers. It is more efficient to remove these parts prior to scraping the metal because it saves time and energy when scrapping the metal.

Step 3: After all reusable parts are removed and nonrecyclable parts are discarded, the frame is then shredded. Once the frame is put through the shredder, the metals are magnetically separated by ferrous and non-ferrous metals (ferrous contains iron and steel).

Step 4: The next step in the recycling process is to mix the metals together to strengthen the scrap metals to produce the new frame.

Step 5: The final step in the recycling process is to return the freshly mixed metals to manufacturers. With the recycled metals, the manufacturers can now produce new car frames that can be used to produce new cars.

Recycling Through You Call We Haul

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