Working car breaks are one of the most crucial aspects of driving safely. Although many cars notify you when you need to get your break pads fixed, some do not. So, how do you know when your car needs to go in the shop?

Well, there are a few warning signs:

  1. Squealing/screeching noises when using the breaks – some car break pads have “wear indicators” that let you know when you should see a break specialist.
  2. Difficulty Stopping/vibrating break pedal – Have you ever tried to break at a stop light and your car takes forever to do so? Or has your pedal ever vibrated when you tried to stop? In either case, it’s time for an inspection.
  3. Grinding metal noise when using the breaks – This is most likely caused by your break pads being worn away. You definitely need to visit the shop!

Don’t wait if you notice any of the above signs. The inability effectively use your car breaks is a serious problem and should be addressed immediately. Enjoy the road, and happy breaking!

If you have any additional questions, visit the Auto Trader website to contact a local dealer or read more of our YCWH Blogs.

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