Get the most cash for your car

Wondering how you can quickly get rid of your old junk car? You Call We Haul has got you covered. We work with our national network of buyers who place bids in real-time on your vehicle. You’ll get the most cash for your vehicle and free towing, no matter the condition.

Follow these tips to get the most cash for your car:

  • Provide photos of your vehicle! Taking photos of your car increases the number of offers and the value of your vehicle by 20-25%!
  • Work with a reputable buyer. Many scrap yards look to pay as little as possible for your car, meaning you won’t get as much cash for your vehicle. You Call We Haul’s network of buyers and towing agents allows you to get the most cash for your car without worry.
  • Sanitize your car before pick-up. While the amount you receive will not increase due to the cleanliness of your vehicle, you can help protect yourself and others from coronavirus by sanitizing the inside of your vehicle before your scheduled pick-up time. Don’t forget to sanitize the keys, too!

Ready to get the most money for your used car? Click here to get started or call us at (866) 771- 5865.

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