Selling a Car that does not start

Are you thinking about trading in your car to a local dealer to put down cash for a new one? Or maybe you’re thinking of just trading in an extra car that you have on your hands to put down towards your monthly payment. But, what happens when you put in the key and turn the ignition and it doesn’t start?! Well, not all hope is lost! You still have options available.  You Can:

a) Fix a car that won’t start

b) Trade in a non running car

c) Sell your car that wont start

Fix it?

If a car has mechanical issues that prevent it from driving it may be a small issue like a battery or it could be a much larger issue like a blown engine or transmission.  If you are facing costly repairs, it might make zero financial sense to fix.    However before you spend money diagnosing the car take a good look at the age, mileage and condition of the vehicle, you might not want to waste the expense.

Trade In?

Is it even worth the time? Well, that’s up to you. If you are looking to trade in a broken down car and the dealer accepts it, most likely they’ll offer the lowest price possible with no risk involved. This is because they don’t know what is wrong with the car without going through lengthy full analyses with a mechanic and they don’t want to spend the time or the manpower to do that. They will most likely low-ball you and give you half of what you’re owed.

Sell Your Non running Car!

Before you waste more time or money  you can offer your vehicle for sale (with no obligation)! You Call We Haul is the easiest and most lucrative service to sell your junk car through.  Your undriveable car is offered to thousands of bidders with free towing.

You Call We Haul runs a premier service that rivals all those on the market! You can call us or start the process online! All you have to do is give us the basic information about the car, upload a couple of pictures and that’s it! Not only does this increase the odds of selling your car, but it also increases the value 20%-25% in total. In as little of an hour you will start receiving real time offers from our international community, and when it sells we tow it for free!

We take the stress and worry out of selling a junk car. So what’re you waiting for? Get cash now! T

Get Cash

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