When is it time to retire your car?

Here at You Call We Haul we are often contacted by owners who are confused about the rising maintenance cost of old cars. They are at a critical decision of repair or retire. In our opinion the best way to avoid these moments is to plan for the future. You should understand the dynamics of car maintenance costs from the moment you buy your car.

You Call We Haul will pay cash for junk cars, and offers free towing for junk cars. Our junk car removal service is based on a national network of licensed buyers. That means no matter where you are in the U.S., you can receive competitive bids for your junk car.

It doesn’t get any easier than You Call We Haul. Not only do we pick up junk cars, but our bidding process ensures you are happy with the final sale price of your car.

At You Call We Haul, making sure you get the top dollar for your junk car is a top priority. Take a look at some of our recently sold cars to get an idea of the cash you could be missing out on!

We will pick up damaged cars, junk cars, even cars damaged by hurricanes or floods. Get started today with our trusted junk car removal service!

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