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How much time do we spend in vehicles? Today, we will examine the difference between international and domestic driving. How does the driving compare to that of other countries?


Driving Miles: U.S. vs International 

  • United States of America (USA) = 13,474 miles
  • Canada (CAD) = 9,562 miles
  • Australia (AU) = 8,555 miles
  • Italy (IT) = 8,256 miles
  • France (FR) = 7,424 miles
  • Germany (DE/BRD) = 7,209 miles
  • United Kingdom (UK) = 6,987 miles
  • Japan (JP) = 4,381 miles
  • China (CN/ROC/CHN) = 697
  • Russian Federation (RU) = 613

***A one-way trip from Bangor, ME to Hersey, PA and you’ve out drive your average Russian and Chinese driver! 



Driving: Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries

Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries Driving
Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries

Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries account for:

  • 60% of the world’s registered vehicles 
  • 90% of the world’s road traffic deaths 

***Annually, low and middle-income countries spend $65 billion on road crashes






Worldwide Road Safety

  • If 10% of the highest risk roads were addressed – 50% of the world’s road fatalities would be prevented 
  • Globally, road crashes cost $518 billion – that’s 1-2% of a country’s individual GDP
  • 78% of countries have a driving age requirement of 18 years old

Driving Age

Age Requirements to Drive
Age Requirements to Drive
  • 16 years old = ID, MT, ND, SD  
  • 16.5 years old = AR, AZ, KS,OK, MN, ME,NC, NM, SC, VT,  WI, WY,
  • 17 years old = AL, CA, CO, IA, KY,  LA, MI, MS, NE, OR, PA, TN, WA, UT, WV
  • 18 years old = CT, DE, DC,GA, FL, IL, IN, OH, NH, NJ, NV, MA, MD, MO, TX, RI 

The Ages in 2020!









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