How much do Americans Drive

LizzieDore_ARSOur Mission with Vehicles 

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The American Vehicles 

Ever wonder how dependent the U.S. is on vehicles? How much time do Americans spend in vehicles? Since 1950, the rate of growth of car owners has increased annually by 3.6%. Of the total population, almost 85% of Americans have a driver’s license. The largest proportion of people with cars are within the age range between 25 and 84 years old. The ages of 50 to 69 years old make up the largest proportion at 92.3%.

Gender Split

What is the difference between male and female drivers? Men drive significantly more time behind the wheel than women – approximately 19% more time. Men drive 27% more miles and average 16,550 miles per year. On the contrary, women average 10,142 miles per year. Surprisingly, domestic partners/married couples spend more time driving – 12% more time driving than those that are single.

Across Gender & Age 

The metrics between age and gender are even more intriguing.There is a direct gap between men and women and the miles driven. This relationship remains direct until the age of 65+. Men’s increasing gap of miles driven over women is as follows:

  • 16-19 years old ~1.300
  • 20-34 years old ~ 6,000
  • 35-54 years old ~ 7,300
  • 55-64 years old ~ 8,000
  • 65+ years old ~ 5,500

Driving Safety – Best & Worst of 2020

  • Memorial Day Weekend – May 25th, 2020 – a time where 44% of the accidents are caused by alcohol
  • Daylight Saving Time 2020 – March 8th & November 1st – there are 302 driving accidents within the following 6 days of daylights saving time
  • Black Friday – November 27th – Between 2010 and 2011, claims regarding rear-ending made up 12.5% of accidents and hitting parked cars made up 11.1%.
  • NFL GameDay – Sundays – the number of accidents around the football stadium has increased from 8.2% to 79.7% 
  • Friday the 13th – after the 1980 slasher film, it’s still a thing…  On this day, 9% of drivers keep a lucky charm with them!
  • New Year’s Day – 1/1 – Between 2011 and 2015, 62% of the fatal accidents involved alcohol 
  • The 4th of July – 7/4/2020 – 42% of accidents will involve alcohol. 
  • The Day Before Thanksgiving – 11/25/2020 – The busiest day of travel is the day before Thanksgiving – 48.5 millions Americans are on the road! 48.5 million!!!! Woof!
  • Before and After Christmas there is a 27% increase risk of a car accident in the 6 days surrounding Christmas. 
  • St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th – in 2015, 30 fatal traffic accidents occurred due to drunk driving



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