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It’s obvious why you’re here. There’s a junk car in your life, and you need to figure out what to do with it. Don’t postpone, we have a simple service that will help you deal with that rusty nuisance. Four words: You Call We Haul. Keep reading to find out why this is the best thing to do with your junk car.

Reason 1: Cash for Your Junk Car

When you sell your junk car through You Call We Haul, you’ll get cash on the spot for your car. Not an I.O.U. from a friend or a promise from a relative, but U.S. tender from a licensed dealer. Pretty sweet, right?

Reason 2. Reclaim Your Space!

Get ahead of spring cleaning in 2019! When you sell your junk car, you’re not only saying goodbye to the car — you’re saying hello to a clear driveway or an empty garage, or even a clear lawn. The neighbors will thank you!

Reason 3: It’s Free to Use You Call We Haul

You won’t be charged for using our service and selling your car to a local licensed dealer. We help connect you with a buyer in your area, at no cost to you! There are no hidden fees or charges, it’s free to list your car and free to accept bids! Our nationwide network of buyers is ready to purchase your car, all you need to do is provide basic information!

Reason 4: Free Towing!

Not only will you be paid for your junk car, but you will also get free junk car towing with You Call We Haul. The eyesore of a junk car being towed away may sound like a dream come true, but we make it happen every day.

Reason 5: We Walk You Through The Paperwork

Are you dreading finding that old title for your junk car and figuring out how to sign it? We can help you sign your title, no matter what state. We can even let you know if you need a title or not, depending on your state and the age of the car. Whatever your question, we’ve got the answer.

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