• What does You Call We Haul do?

    You Call We Haul is the nation’s most reliable vehicle removal service. We’ll haul away your vehicle fast – for free – and give you cash. Our program gets you the very most money for your junk car. Other websites give you only one bid, you call we haul has thousands of buyers bidding for your vehicle across the country.

  • How do you value junk cars?

    We work with a national network of buyers who place live bids on your vehicle after considering its location, condition, and status.  When you provide pictures using our app we can get you the very most money for your used car.  Our program is guarnteed.  Don’t get fooled by a middleman or selling car scams, sell directly to the junk buyers in your town.

  • Will you buy my junk car?

    We buy all kinds of used, damaged, and non-functioning vehicles. That includes cars, trucks, wagons, sport utility vehicles, and even hybrids.  If you need to sell your car for cash we can help!

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